Raised Scar

Why are some scars raised and some scars indented? A raised scar occurs when the body has produced too much collagen; this is also known as a keloid scar or hypertrophic scar. Learn more about types of scars. Indented scarring is caused by certain types of acne and chickenpox. Inflammation of indented scars destroys healthy tissue. The depth of the laceration/trauma will determine if a scar is indented or raised. Also the natural composition of your body and its ability to heal will have an impact. In both cases (raised scars and indented scars) the body needs to regenerate new skin cells. This can take time. For raised scars a topical scar gel like AcuScar™ can provide great support. AcuScar™ contains ingredients that can help reduce the appearance of raised scars, burn scars, surgical scars, acne scars, and most all common accidental scars.

For help with indented scarring consider chemical peels, injections/fillers, or laser resurfacing. They are popular procedural methods that can help. The reason why a topical gel will not correct indented scars is because they require treatment from under the skins surface and these topical creams cannot bring back pigmentation, nor level out the skin surface. Visit Resource Site- DO Follow for more information on scars, treatments, and other options to manage the look of scars.

Darker skin tones are more likely to experience keloid scars and hypertrophic scars, but these types of scars are less common as we age. So for the younger demographic you should be prepared for scarring by having a scar gel like AcuScar™ ready and waiting! Preserving the health of our skin, especially starting at an early age, will contribute to our overall healthiness as we get older! The powerful ingredient of silicone traps in moisture and providing a waterproof block over the area helping the healing process by keeping out harmful irritants, dirt, and debris. Experts agree that silicone can speed up the process of minimizing the look of scars. Read more about AcuScar reviews to become more familiar with the product and formula.

Raised scars can be a disconcerting distraction. They can be uncomfortable, itchy and swollen. The scar tissue can feel rough and look discolored. Injuries to the skin are likely to happen, but when they do you will be better prepared to manage the scar now that you have helpful information about silicone gels for scars. If and when our skin becomes scarred it is one thing that is not in our control, but the solution that we use is in our control! Take advantage of the best scar gel- AcuScar™ that is available and search for the hottest online deals.

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